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World Humanitarian Day 2018

Rachel Mzengi
16 August 2018

World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is held every year on 19 August to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and to rally support for people affected by crises around the world.

We at OneCoWork have pulled together this article to shine a light on some of the incredible programs and organisations in Barcelona and across Spain. Take a moment to read and be inspired by what some people do in our community!.

Ikea - Madrid 

This Ikea branch in Madrid is completely unique. They have work experience programs to help integrate refugees into society, with the potential for job offers at the end of the program. From accountants to architects, Ikea is helping refugees find a sustainable source of income in the country. 

Refugees Aid Barcelona

This non-profit was set up to support the various organisations who work to evenly distribute resources in refugee camps by managing the supply chain; connecting them with donations; raising further awareness and hosting events in the Barcelona community. They’re all about spreading the love and do it for the common good. Their “why we do it” page shows some humbling statistics.

Barcelona City Council

Disappointed by the lack of action from the state government, the Ajuntament de Barcelona, together with citizens and social organisations, decided to step up to the plate, creating “Barcelona, Ciutat Refugi” - Barcelona, the Refugee City - in 2015. They’re swinging for long-term solutions, because they claim the problem is unlikely to simply disappear soon. They strive to protect the rights of refugees and ensure they're welcomed into Spanish society.

Businesses and the local community: why should we get involved?

More and more companies are implementing CSR programs, which begs the question: Why?

It might come as a surprise, but according to Forbes, corporations can and do make a real difference. They do it in different ways, from Uber offering to send drivers to collect donations for free to German businesses putting refugees into 3-year training programs. Forbes points to the increasing pressure and financial difficulties faced by the UN and NGOs to underscore the value of private businesses’ support.

Similarly, according to Business Insider, working to support refugees doesn’t have to be altruistic: companies can expect a high Return On Investment and lower staff turnover, amongst other benefits.

How can I help?

You don’t have to be a big company to support your local community or important issues! Often, the easiest way is to donate your time and skills to smaller charitable organisations or work at discounted rates. Whether you’re a designer, consultant, writer or event planner, a few hours a week can go a long way without costing you.

There are so many ways to get involved with charities. Community is a massive part of what we do here at OneCoWork. Most recently, the prize for our World Cup Sweepstakes was a 141 euro donation to charity, with our winners choosing to donate to Surf & Help who will be using it to support Street Child.

This World Humanitarian Day, let's do more as a community. If you’ve got a suggestion for a charity or community event, let our Community Managers know!

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