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Home working vs. Co-working: A tough choice for any aspiring freelancer

Surej Shams
08 August 2018

Being a freelancer has many perks.

Working on your own terms, not having to leave home, being your own boss, you know them all.

But have you ever had a dilemma about making your home your ‘only workplace’?

At least whenever you had to make back-to-back meetings with clients?

If you have been in the world of freelancing for quite some time, you’ll know the reality of this problem. 

You can’t always rely on your home office.

(Though it’s true, working in your pyjamas sounds super relaxing).

The Solution?

If you’re a freelancer with a decent number of clients and income, here’s what you can do:

  • Continue working from home and find the nearest coffee shop whenever you want to have a client meeting. 
  • Get a daily pass or pay for a meeting room at a co-working space that will let you use it once a week or whenever required.
  • Get a hot desk at a co-working space. Just go there and work at any time, day or night.

The choice here is totally yours.

As a freelancer, you should have some idea about where you stand in your journey so that you can pick the option that’s right for you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you facing difficulties and distractions while working from home?
  • Does working from home affect your productivity and ability to meet deadlines?
  • Are you ready to scale up your freelancing business by bringing in more professionalism?
  • Do you attend a lot of business meetings on a weekly basis?
  • Are you in a position to afford a co-working space now?

If you can say YES to at least three of the questions above, you might want to consider moving to a co-working space immediately.

Again, it’s all up to you. Take the time to decide exactly what you need.

Co-working is bliss

In one sentence, co-working is perfect for freelancers and millennial startups.

Most co-working spaces these days offer a very lively work environment with super comfy seating and attractive wooden work desks.

They also have facilities like recreational areas and game zones that the millennials love.

As a freelancer, you will get the following benefits out of a co-working space;

  • A professional work environment
  • Networking opportunities
  • Quality colleagues to inspire you
  • Increased productivity
  • High-end amenities and essential office equipment
  • A community feeling
  • A professional office address and location

In reality, there is a big difference between working in your pyjamas and working in an office environment. The latter will bring more professionalism to your work which will also reflect in the quality of the work you deliver.

Plus, you will never have to worry about the power supply, internet, printers, housekeeping, office supplies or even the food or drinking water supply. It’s all taken care of by the co-working space providers.

And you can just focus on your work.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Most co-working spaces host a crowd of freelancers and start-ups consisting of techies, designers, writers, marketers and more. As a freelancer, being a part of a co-working space isn’t just about having a desk to work at and meeting rooms to book – it’s access to networking opportunities to create partnerships, generate new leads and increase revenue. Co-working spaces often host networking events, and community building is one of their priorities.

Freelancing from a co-working space

First thing, co-working spaces can be pretty affordable.

All the co-working spaces offer flexible plans that totally meet your requirements.

For example, you may not require a work desk every day. In this case, you can opt to just get a daily pass for whenever you need the space.

The same plan will work for meeting rooms as well. Whenever you have client meetings lined up, book a meeting room and just get it done the professional way. Once you’ve joined a co-working space, they’ll add you to a booking system where you can easily book a room.

Or if you wish to totally move your home office to a co-working space, you can get a dedicated space for yourself, which will be reserved for you at all times. These range from individual desks in shared spaces to private offices, depending, once again, on your needs.

Final verdict

Getting a co-working space is becoming popular among many freelancers. They love the lively atmosphere, high-end office supplies, friendly colleagues and increased productivity.

All you need to figure out is which plan best suits your needs.

If you think working from home has been affecting your productivity and you are ready to take your projects and business to the next level, getting a co-working space is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business in 2019.


Many thanks to our Guest Blogger, Surej Shams, of Novel Office in Bangalore, India. You can connect with Surej here. If you'd like to write a Guest Blog on the OneCoWork site, get in touch with our team to pitch your idea!

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