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What To Know About Good Nutrition At Work

Meaghan Kincaid
11 June 2018

Are you interested in nutrition? Do you want to learn more about living a healthier life? Then, check out this blog below regarding The Healthiest Choice and this week’s RoundTable Talk. We talked about the do’s and don’ts of eating healthy to stay focused all day.


Yesterday at OneCoWork’s Roundtable Talk we discussed nutrition at work, with experts from the food provider, The Healthiest Choice, Jessica Chica and Alexandra Barreto. Joining them was, Jorge Pimentel, a nutritionist from the University of Barcelona. The three demonstrated expertise and passion when addressing the do’s and don’ts of eating, living, and having a healthy relationship with food. It is easy to become confused and misinformed about proper nutrition with the media dictating many of our perception’s regarding health. No need to worry any longer! Jessica, Alexandra, and Jorge busted through the myths in an hour-long conversation addressing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats!

Beginning with the most controversial of all; Carbs. We recognized that there are good and bad carbs. Examples of good carbs include quinoa, potatoes, and whole grains, bad carbs include refined and processed sugars. Our experts advised us to consume carbs in small portions, so we can avoid those ups and downs of losing and gaining energy. This rollercoaster of energy can hinder your productivity at work, so the key here is balance!

Moving on to proteins, an essential category in our diet! Proteins help support our immune system. Many people tend to emphasize animals as the only source of protein, but this is a common mistake; we cannot forget about vegetables! Both categories are vital when maintaining a balanced diet. Try to make half of your plate full of your favorite vegetables for lunch, or dinner.

Lastly, fats! Our discussion about healthy fats will make a lot of you happy to hear, certain ones ARE good for you. Examples of healthy fats include nuts, avocados, and butter. Yes. Butter! We need fat to regenerate our body, even more than carbs and proteins! When combining all three categories of food, it is important to recognize and understand your own body.

What an inspiring Roundtable Talk we had here at OneCoWork! Thank you, Jessica, Alexandra, and Jorge for a great discussion.


  • Pair fats with proteins, NOT carbs.
  • Eat carbs in small amounts to avoid crashing
  • When grocery shopping, make sure you buy enough protein, fats, and carbs to maintain a healthy balance at home.
  • Eating fats as a snack is a good way to keep you full and focused longer (i.e. nuts)
  • Eat as NATURAL as you possibly can; the fewer ingredients, the better!

To learn more about The Healthiest Choice, check out the link below and discover their company!


Go-To Macronutrient List: THC_Macronutrient list.pdf

Presentation: the_healthiest_choice_nutrition_presentation_ocw.pdf

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