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What Are Positive Impact Makers; How To Become One

Daniel Ching
05 July 2018

Have you ever wondered about what you can do in life? Who are we and what is our purpose? Some people find the meaning of their existence in the positive impact they have on society. They are called Positive Impact Makers. But who are they and how do we become one of them? Join us to as we explore with Jeannette Meier, founder and CEO of Youtooday in this week’s RoundTable Talk, to find out.


Long story short, the motto of positive impact makers is “To change the world is to change one’s self." Most people are familiar with change makers, who have a sustainable impact on the world and are constantly innovating. Highly industrious people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama or even us at OneCoWork is full of change makers. However, not all change makers are positive impact makers. Some change makers are innovating because they want to be successful. Although the outcomes may be positive to the world, they are more like a by-product. 

Take Steve Jobs for an example. He is smart, diligent and successful. It is unfair to say that Apple products have not made our lives easier. However, Apple products are likely not created with the purpose of improving humanity. Of course, longing for success and change is not a bad thing at all; but it will be better if innovation is based on hope for the advancement of mankind.

"To change the world is to change one's self"

Positive impact makers believe that the person behind the project is more important than the outcomes. Starting with themselves, they ask what they can do for the world. They have the willingness and passion to bring improvement. They are open to new opportunities and humble opinions. Most importantly, they put all of these to action. They create long-term projects that are sustainable.

"The person behind the project is more important than the outcome"


Meet Howard Weinstein, founder of Solar Ear and positive impact maker. At a young age, Howard successfully brought a company back from the verge of bankruptcy. When everything seemed to be going well, he lost his 10-year-old daughter to a horrible disease overnight. One week later while he mourned for his daughter’s death, he was fired by the very company he saved. To honour the memories of his daughter, he set off to Botswana, Africa in search of a new purpose. He didn’t know what he wanted to do at the time and a girl with hearing deficiency came to him for help. The girl had the same name as Howard’s daughter and it gave him the idea to dedicate his life to creating a brighter future for all. He began working with his team of designers and they came up with the product Solar Ear, an auditory aid device that can be solar charged. Howard changed the world by looking into himself, asking himself what his purpose was and what he should do. He put his thoughts and passion into action and his project is now a self-sustained NGO that is expanding to other parts of the world.


Positive impact makers usually possess the following 8 traits:

  • Have a clear purpose
  • Lead with values (Telling people not only what you want but why)
  • Love what you do
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Understand the importance of collaboration (Be humble, it’s okay to not be the hero)
  • Inspire others with passion, action and experience
  • Plan for the long-term and be sustainable

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” World renounced psychologist Carl Rogers pointed out the most important trait for a successful positive impact maker. Be the change yourself!

Jeannette is starting a movement to gather positive impact makers and help them with networking. By creating a community, positive impact makers can gain sustainability easier.

Thank you Jeannette for the amazing roundtable talk and information on positive impact making. What a wonderful morning at OneCoWork Roundtable Talk.


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