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The 7 Human Species You'll Find In A Coworking Space

Nicki Empson
27 August 2018

Coworking spaces aren't traditional office spaces which means you won't find your regular 9-5 office species here. Here, you can expect to see a unique blend of lots of different types of species from all countries, walks of life, cultures and backgrounds. We have rounded up a list of the 7 types of human species you are likely to see in a coworking space. You may be able to spot some rare types, such as The Sticky Fingers species (the ones that borrow stationary and forget to return) and The Noise Criminal species (the ones that talk louder than need be), but a sighting of them is rare. The following 7 are the main species you can expect to see in a coworking space.


These guys and girls can be found sitting in front of those suspicious looking black screens with multicoloured words, symbols and numbers scrawled across them. Welcome to the Techy species. You might find them with their laptops propped up on a laptop stand, this is because they spend so long at their laptops coding away they need proper laptop positioning in order to keep their necks on their heads. Ever wondered what all the wacky coloured codes and symbols mean? Ask a Techy, but they may have a hard time explaining to you in a language you understand, they speak in special languages.


Yogis are more often than not spotted in the early morning or early evening in an outdoor area, graciously sprawled across a yoga mat. They also tend to teach the early morning coworking yoga class, so head here to meet one. If not spotted there, they are the humans with a yoga mat strapped around their bodies as they enter or leave the cowork. Yogis can also be easily identified by their choice of snacks and lunches. They love to nibble on vegan nut bars or for lunch a delicious quinoa, feta and rocket salad. Spot some quinoa? Keep your eye out for the Yogi species, they may very well be near.


Networkers are uniters. This species is great at bringing people together and rarely miss a networking event or social opportunity. If you are talking with a Networker, you may not even realise that they are one. Networkers are such natural communicators that they build relationships and connections with such ease that you probably wouldn't consider the conversation 'networking' but rather just a chat with a new friend.  Coworking spaces are all about networking and creating organic opportunities to collaborate so Networkers are in their ideal habitat here. 


The humans that come to work every day in perfectly pressed suit trousers and a smart but relaxed shirt (top button open) are almost definitely members of the Corporate species. They can usually be found waiting at the entrance ready to greet some more of their species who have come to have a meeting, or two. The meetings that the Corporate species hold aren't a relaxed chat over coffee on a sofa, they are in a meeting room, water and glasses perfectly organised in the middle of a table, a presentation ready on a screen and a printed meeting agenda placed in front of each chair. These species mean business.


These ones are easy to spot because they are never alone. You will often find the Startup species in tight groups of 3 or 4, normally huddled around the same table and in constant interaction because things move in fast-motion in the Startup world. The Startup species like to eat lunch at the same time so they can get back to work without being one man down. A Startuper is often young, tech-savvy, focused and a very hard worker. Don't expect to see them in the cowork every day because they usually have many meetings a day in different locations around the city/world.


Members of the Jetsetter species are more difficult to get a sighting of as you'll never know when exactly they'll be at the office. Some weeks, a Jetsetter may be at the coworking space on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, other weeks every day and sometimes for a whole month, never. It isn't always clear whether the Jetsetter species travels for pleasure or business, perhaps a bit of both. When Jetsetters are seen in the cowork, they often have a carry-on suitcase in tow and may leave early to catch their next flight.


The Freelance species are true natives to coworking spaces and many can be found here. Since Freelancers can get their work done from anywhere, they can often be found working from a flex desk, a lounge area or sometimes, they like to take their work outside to the terrace. It is not always clear what it is they do or who they work for but they seem to live great lives with a perfect balance of work and play. If you see a member of the Freelance species, stop and have a chat with them and try to learn how you can too become a Freelancer, they appear to be living the dream.


That is a roundup of the various types of human species that you are likely to find at a coworking space. Of course, some humans might be part of many species and some humans that look like one species could quite easily be another. Make sure to have a chat with them before categorizing! All the species found in a coworking space, despite their differences, live in harmony, often having coffee together, sharing lunch and even building companies. To come and see, meet and become part of one of the many exotic species found in our coworking spaces, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us or if you prefer to speak to a person, give us a call. We look forward to meeting you!

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