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Member Spotlight: Stacey Matthews

Pablo Mascaro
11 December 2017


My name is Stacey Matthews, I am 30 years old, born on 21st June and I come from Cheshire, a lovely county just outside of Manchester in the UK.  I moved to Barcelona almost 2 years ago to learn Castillano and to live in this amazing city that has so much life and opportunities to offer.

I am a traveller, I have "backpacked" around most of the world, and I love to experience new activities and sports. Although I am a master of none in the last few years, I have learned to Snowboard, Longboard and Wakeboard... so basically throw any style of board going at high speed at me and I will give it a go.

I am in training at the moment, as next year I will climb mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity with my father and sister, this is a new challenge completely different to one I have experienced before in my life.


My work experience is all based around hospitality, starting in hotels and restaurants then later moving on ships. The ship I worked on travelled all over the world and because of this I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Antarctica.

I have been involved in coordinating and running many events of which I mostly enjoyed working in the wedding industry, every couple I worked with brought a new energy and experience which made my position so rewarding.

I have always been in a customer facing position as I love to work with many people with their different interests and backgrounds. Yesterday was my first day here working with you all as part of the OneCoWork team as a community manager, so please come to say hello as I want to know you all.

Looking forward to meeting you!

If you want to get to know our new member, Stacey, better say hi when you meet her around the office and make her feel welcome!


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