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Is a coworking space for introverted or extroverted personalities?

Lisa Slisli
28 March 2019

First of all, let’s begin by understanding the difference between introverts and extroverts. Many of us think that these personality types are the only two existing, but in fact, these are just two extremes of a scale, as explained in this piece from FastCompany.  Moreover, these “personalities” have to do with so much more than just your persona, they are related to where you get your energy from.

Introverted people might be seen as antisocial as they do not yell your name across the room to catch your attention, or directly start a conversation whenever someone enters the room. They are more likely to observe people first, do some research and then start a conversation with a random stranger. For more advice on how to start a conversation with a stranger, check out this blog.

An extrovert is more open-minded, social and at the same time will network with many people who are not necessarily the most appropriate asset to their project. You’ll have a very broad skill set available as you have connected with many people, but how many of them are core assets to your business? 

Now that we better understand the difference between extroverts and introverts, let’s dive into the meaning of these related to coworking spaces. 

1. Open or personal space?

Introverted people are more likely to enjoy a quiet and small space, which is less overwhelming than an open space, like the hot desk area where the volume level can rise dramatically (especially during lunch hours). This noisy environment could make the person feel uncomfortable and stressed which could negatively influence the work quality of introverts. Therefore, having a personal desk or personal office positively influences the work spirit. They will feel less pressured and “safer” which increases their productivity.

Considering their social aspect, we could say that introverts are more likely to talk with 3 colleagues during the day, which is half as many as the extroverted people; however, this does not define the quality of the relationships made. Extroverted people might talk with 6 or more colleagues a day, but also surround themselves with bigger groups of people than introverted people do.

On the other hand, extroverted people may rather be found in an open space such as the ground floor at OneCoWork Placa Catalunya where many people communicate with Community Management and colleagues throughout the day. Placing these persons in a closed environment or personal office would decrease their productivity since their brain recharges itself while being surrounded by people, noise and activity. 

2) The flexibility of working alone and together.

Both introverted and extroverted people are able to work alone and together. The difference lays in the tasks and skill set. Introverted people are easily satisfied by working alone and at the same time feel the sense of community while being surrounded by colleagues. This way, they avoid the feeling of being lonely. Oftentimes, working from home makes people feel completely isolated, regardless of if their personality. This sense of working independently will give introverts a powerful work boost but does not mean that whenever teamwork is required the introverted person would not deliver a great job. They might not always be as talkative and loud as an extroverted person, but they most surely are reflective and observative. 

Extroverts would feel excited and motivated in open spaces such as hot desk areas. They can easily work alone but also thrive in open collaboration. They can pitch their ideas to random strangers and make connections. Extroverted people are mostly known as a very positive asset to a team. They tend to lighten up the tension in a first meeting session and include everyone from the team to make sure no one is left out. 

Therefore a coworking community is a perfect match for any kind of personality trait. It does not matter what your personality looks like, coworking spaces have a perfect spot for each one of them. You might be an introvert and like open spaces, which then hot desks would more likely to be assigned to you, as where extroverted people would perhaps enjoy some quiet space from time to time, therefore phone boots could be a nice place to hide from the crowd. 

It’s all up to you. OneCoWork has talented Community Management and Sales teams that can help you decide what option is best for you. They are also quite flexible and willing to meet your needs. If you have opted for a personal desk but after 2 weeks you feel lonely and unmotivated and would rather move to a hot desk, just go and talk with your Community Managers. 

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Last but not least, if you are looking for a new coworking space, or interested in some of our membership plans, take a look at our website and discover our 3 different locations; Plaça Catalunya, Marina Port Vell, and Gotico!

Lisa SliSli is a OneCoWork marketing intern from Belgium, finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and soon to start her Master’s in Strategic Business Management.

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