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Human-focused workplace: how technology can help

Manon Lucci
23 May 2018

Yesterday, Ben Comstock, one of our very own members, led our third roundtable talk about how technology can help create a human-focused workplace. Ben is an expert in that field and co-founder of Office Accord, a tool that helps companies create communities and increase employee happiness.

During this talk, we discussed what a human-focused workplace is, why it is important, and which are the existing tools that help us in creating it.

Why do you think that having happy employees is important? Well, in a nutshell, it’s way better for your business. If you are more into numbers, happy employees are 22% more productive than those who are not, so in the long run, it’s more profitable for your company.

Do you know what a human-focused workplace means? It’s as simple as:

  1. Celebrating and recognizing employees. Celebrating employees can come in all sorts of ways. You can celebrate their kudos, congratulate them and celebrate their own personal achievement, like birthdays for instance. Don’t forget that when employees are recognized, they feel 80% happier.
  2. Creating a real connection between them. A Christmas dinner is not enough for your employees to bond. Make them know each other and develop something more than just a formal business relationship. 70% of employees say that having friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy work life.
  3. Informing and listening to your employees. Get to know what they want, use surveys to know how they feel, notify them of big and small changes. Make them feel part of the global team, they will feel more engaged. 75% of employees will stay longer at a company that listens to them and addresses their concerns.
  4. Collaborating in their well-being. Take care of them, give them special discounts, create a community of help within your company. Employees who report having high rates of well-being are 20% more productive.

All of this sounds amazing, but if you don’t have a “Happiness department” within your company, you might need a little help from technology. There are some great apps available that will help you create a community and a positive company culture such as Bonusly, Workplace, Globoforce, Slack, TINYpulse and Office Accord. That’s how technology can help us create a more human-focused workplace.

Don’t forget that the key to success, as in any other case is to be consistent, to share results and finally to listen and adapt.

We hope that you’ve found all the tips that you needed to create a more human-focused workplace; remember that humans always must come first.

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