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The Coworking Collective: FAQ

Ella Webber
22 January 2019

Going on a trip?

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve the coworking experience for our members, and we’re proud to be able to say we’re a step closer to our goal. We’re excited to announce we’re the first European coworking space to join the Coworking Collective, a group of international coworking spaces dedicated to providing their members with a trusted home away from home. Whilst we have been growing quickly, we don’t have global coverage just yet. We came to realise that connecting with other coworking communities was a great way to fill the gap and meet your needs. 

So what exactly is the Coworking Collective?

The Coworking Collective is a hand-picked group of American, Canadian, and now European coworking spaces focused on building a thriving global network. As a OneCoWork member, you are now entitled to 3 free days access per month for no extra cost to any space within the Coworking Collective.

What new spaces can I work from?

We’ve partnered with coworking spaces all over North America, and the list is ever-expanding. We might be the first European space, but we sure won’t be the last. For now, you can enjoy luxury coworking in the following spaces:


New York City - The Commons

Seattle - The Cloud Room

San Francisco - Eco-System


Vancouver - Suite Genius

Montreal - At Workbase

Toronto - WorkHaus

Kitchener-Waterloo - WorkHaus

Calgary - WorkHaus

How can I work from these spaces?

To make the most of the Coworking Collective, speak to your Community Team and they’ll connect you with your destination. It’s important to remember your access to the participating spaces will be limited to operational business hours from Monday to Friday. Your OneCoWork membership gets you three days free coworking from any of the spaces, however, you can request to stay on at an additional cost. Keep in mind that this programme is targeted at individual business travellers, not teams. If there are multiple team members travelling, daily rates may apply at the discretion of each coworking space. 

So, what are you waiting for? Your Community Team are more than ready to chat details, and can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get back. We trust our partners will treat you well but remember; home is where Luna lives.

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