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4 Video Tools We Use To Make Explainer Videos

Daniel Ching
05 July 2018

Are you struggling to gain visibility on social media? Is your content not spreading far enough? Join the 87% of online marketers using video content to promote their business; growing revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers and start generating an average of 12 times more shares than texts and images. You'll notice for sure as we start to release more videos over the coming weeks!

If you are also looking to start your video marketing campaign but do not know where to start with, you can try generating your existing content into explainer videos. But this can seem overwhelming, especially if you have no prior knowledge in video editing. That's why there are loads of easy-to-use video tools out there, helping you generate professional-looking videos at a great price.

We asked our team to try out four and give you the low-down on each one. They turned an article by our blogger Nikki into an explainer video using each tool.


#1 Pro: Allowed inputting of an entire article, making it quick and easy to assign quotes to slides

#1 Con: There's no control over the length of each scene - so you can't highlight the most important bits easily.

Important to know: It allows for customising the intro and outro.

Particularly useful for: Personal videos, such as video CVs

Ease of use: 3/4

Efficiency (based on the time taken to generate video on the first attempt): 1/4


#1 Pro: Clear and friendly UI (User Interface)

#1 Con: Only having one set of scenes per template, you might not always find a scene relating to your content.

Important to know: Renderforest has a number of different price plans, so you can choose the one which suits you best. However, the resolution is often lower than the others.

Particularly useful for: Video reports, logo reveal, business promotion videos

Ease of use: 1/4

Efficiency (based on the time taken to generate video on the first attempt): 3/4


#1 Pro: You can choose the number and length of the scenes, making it easier to match the video to your content appropriately.

#1 Con: No control over the text size, animations or positioning. The templates are great, but if you like things your own way, this might not be the tool for you.

Important to know: This is probably one of the most widely used and popular tools at the moment. That has to mean something! They also have a massive bank of stock images for you to use.

Particularly useful for: Info-graphic-videos, explainer videos and social media.

Ease of use: 2/4

Efficiency (based on the time taken to generate video on the first attempt): 2/4


#1 Pro: Though it took longest to make, our team voted the video made with Powtoon number 1!

#1 Con: Optimising the tool takes time, especially if you're new to video editing.

Important to know: The friendly User Interface resembles Microsoft Powerpoint, a familiarity which definitely helps! You can drag, resize, extend and much more.

Particularly useful for: More personalised videos - rather than just scenes, you can choose props, animations and transitions.

Ease of use: 4/4

Efficiency (based on the time taken to generate video on the first attempt): 4/4


Each of the tools has a variety of plans. They start with free plans, that watermark your videos and limit some of the features. Whilst this is great for researching and comparing them, to make a professional video it's well worth investing in the 12-20€ that an upgrade can cost. Make sure you choose the right plan for you, read the terms and conditions and don't get caught by surprise. Links to all the tools, with their price plans, can be found below.


It is hard to come up with a winner here, for the needs of each company are different. However, we suggest Biteable and Powtoon. If you are looking to expand the visibility of your content, you can choose to use Biteable for quick and massive production of explainer videos. If you feel like you have enough knowledge in editing and are ready to commit, then go for Powtoon, for the next level of video production.

Note: OneCoWork blogs are created to inform freelancers, small businesses and start-ups about different ways to further their business. This article is in no way intended to constitute an advisement to purchase a particular product over any other, rather to provide an introduction, by way of a balanced overview, to a variety of publicly available tools so that freelancers, small businesses and start-ups are able to make their own informed decisions, following their own research. 

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