Indie Hackers Meetup at OneCoWork Catedral

OneCoWork Catedral, Av. Catedral 6 - Zurich Building
Jun 09, 2022

OneCoWork is hosting the first official Indie Hackers meet up after covid. This event and community is for all makers, side-hustlers, solopreneurs, bootstrapped entrepreneurs and wannabes that happen to be in Barcelona.

- 18:30: Let's start sharing some beers at the Main Kitchen!
- 19h: 15' talks will start:

Xavier Colomés: a Marketer bootstrapping (B2B SaaS)
Matteo Lombardi: Almost solo-preneur turned business owner. 32+ team. Amazon e-commerce.

About Indie Hackers: They are a group of bootstrapped/solo entrepreneurs, that sometimes have a full-time job and a side-hustle. They usually go full-time entrepreneur once their side-hustle allows them to cover the bills. Interested? Sign-up at: OneCoWork members do not need to register.

See you this on Thursday!

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