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Breakfast Club: Dror Wayne

Carrer de l'Escar 26, 08039, Barcelona
Jul 17, 2018
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Each week, a different OneCoWork business will have the opportunity to present their company to the rest of our coworkers over an informal breakfast setting at OneCoWork Bar.


This week we are hosting Dror Wayne, our new marketing intern at OneCoWork


In this short but compelling presentation, Dror will explore 5 ways in which we can all make more money in less time. It's especially useful for executives in medium-sized business; freelancers; the self-employed and small-business - but he promises the theory can be applied elsewhere also!


This event will take place on Wednesday 18th from 10:30 to 11:00.


Meeting Room 1, on the first floor of the building. The door will be open, so swing by!


This is an informal talk/event; so, please avoid any type of formalism (suites & ties will not be allowed entrance!). Just come ready to listen, share your thoughts and to enjoy a nice breakfast provided by the presenter.  

This is a great opportunity for you to network and to make new potential clients and friends; you don't want to miss this! If you can't make this week's Breakfast Club, not to worry, there will be a summary post of what was discussed on our blog. Check out our social networks for photos of the event afterwards!

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