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The Beauty of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

Jort Huitema
27 March 2019

Just a few weeks left! We can’t wait to have our new office in the Gothic Quarter opening very soon, and we hope you are just as excited as we are!

Located right within the city’s heart we find the old city center of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter. ‘Barrio Gótico’ in Catalan, is the roots of what became the major international hub we know today, the second largest city of Spain and the capital of Catalonia. The seat of the Catalan government is still located here, and its historical pride is all pretty much visible everywhere throughout this enchanting district.

A rich history from the beginning, the Romans civilized this area over 100 years before Christ. Some remains are still visible, like an old Roman wall, and the Temple of Augustus which is situated right next to the Barcelona Cathedral. Later on, especially during the 13th and 14th century, as the wealth of the city grew, many palaces and churches were built on top of these Roman foundations. All of these built with a Catalan twist of the Gothic architecture style.

Towering above the Gothic Quarter, we find the ‘Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia,’ also more commonly known as Barcelona Cathedral. Situated at the Plaça de la Seu, construction of this enchanting cathedral started as early as the late 13th century. The architecture of these ages is still visible today in all its pride and glory.

The best thing to do in Gothic? Turn off your Google Maps and get lost. Sure, the district is booming with tourists nowadays, but still, you can easily wander around its tiny little alleys and find yourself all alone in its medieval pathways. While doing so, make sure to look around and imagine what it once must have been like. If, at the end of the day, you seem to get a little exhausted, want to take some time to relax perhaps? The beach at Barceloneta is just a small 20-minute walk away.

The Gothic Quarter isn’t only great because of its history, you can find tons of Restaurants in Gothic, some of the top Startups in Barcelona and plenty of places to get the perfect Instagram pictures in the city

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