Member Spotlight: Carolina Savasta

Dror Wayne
29 January 2019

In the spotlight this week is the newest member of the OneCoWork Community Team - 24 year-old Carolina Savasta.

Ciao Carolina! Tell us about yourself!

I grew up in Belluno, Italy and love outdoor sports, such as hiking, climbing and skiing. I also enjoy reading books and of course, hanging out with friends.

Awesome! And professionally?

I’m a Community Associate at OneCoWork and I’m still discovering what that means, because it’s a highly varied role and every day is different! I help ensure the smooth running of operations at OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya and I´m here to help connect you, our members, creating a stronger community.

Give three tips to our readers…

  1. Do what makes you happy!
  2. Do not judge others - instead, learn from them
  3. Just be your (amazing) self - authenticity is the key in life.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Alicia Plus - the coffee machine you program at night and wakes you up with coffee.

Quick Fire! If you were a _____ what would you be?

Disney character: Baloo, from the Jungle Book (he is always eating)

Animal: My dog, Pepe

Famous leader: Gandhi

Country: Italy, I love my country!

Drink: Beer

What’s your life motto?

Let’s have one last drink!

Recommend something for us to read?

Sapiens, A Brief History of Human Kind

Who inspires you?

My grandpa!

Where can our members find you?

I love the terrace but it’s a bit cold to enjoy it now. Anyway, you can always catch me at reception.

Thanks, Carolina. And welcome to the team!